How is the Balloon deployed?

InSpace™ Balloon deployment is performed at the physician’s clinic with the patient positioned as in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, mainly in Beach Chair or lateral decubitus positioning.

Download the Surgical Technique Brochure

Deployment is achieved through a 5-step procedure.

Step 1

Evaluation of the shoulder and tendon’s condition, determining if an irreparable rotator cuff tear is presented using standard subacromial arthroscopy.

Step 2

Selection of the correct balloon size by measuring the subacromial space using an arthroscopic probe. Three balloon sizes are available (S/M/L).

Step 3

Insertion of the introducer into the subacromial space.

Step 4

Inflation of the balloon by using saline.

Step 5

Balloon sealing and deployer retraction.

The InSpace™ balloon is in-situ. The patient can usually go home the same day of the procedure. The rehabilitation period is shortened since NO major surgery or tendon repair is involved.

Watch a brief video that shows the balloon deployment in the sub-acromial space.

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Disclaimer: The InSpace™ system is approved for marketing in Europe but is not approved yet for marketing in the USA. This material should be considered informational only and does not constitute an offer to sell in any jurisdiction in which this product is not yet permitted to be sold.
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