Alleviate Pain and Shorten Rehabilitation Periods

OrthoSpace InSpace™ System is indicated for rotator cuff syndrome as it alleviates pain in patients. The InSpace™ System has the CE mark and is commercially available in Europe.

The InSpace™ System is designed to create a physical barrier between tissues in the subacromial space. The biodegradable balloon acts as a spacer between the acromion and the humeral head, allowing smooth gliding and frictionless movement between the two bones, emulating the function of the original bursa.

Implantation is simple as the device can be deployed using minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopy or mini-open surgery. InSpace™ deployment, from introduction of the device to sealing and retraction of the deployer, usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Clinical data has shown that approximately 75% of patients showed improvement in their Total Constant Score, increasing from implantation up to the longest available data, at 5-years follow up.

The InSpace™ Advantages:

  • Simple and quick deployment – device positioning takes approximately 10 minutes, from introduction to sealing and retraction of the deployer.
  • Deployment flexibility – The procedure can be performed according to the hospital or clinic’s protocol using local or general anaesthesia.
  • Quick learning curve – The procedures utilizes a single-use device introduced with a standard arthroscopic technique. Training time is minimal.
  • Short rehabilitation – Rehabilitation is easier and faster than following other surgical alternatives.
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Disclaimer: The InSpace™ system is approved for marketing in Europe but is not approved yet for marketing in the USA. This material should be considered informational only and does not constitute an offer to sell in any jurisdiction in which this product is not yet permitted to be sold.
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