Management Team

Itay Barnea
Chief Executive Officer


Itay Barnea joined OrthoSpace in July 2010. Mr. Barnea is an experienced executive with 12 years in the medical device industry, having held senior positions at Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon) and several prominent start-up companies, including a surgical structure company sold to C. R. Bard in late 2009.  Mr. Barnea holds a B.A. in Marketing and an M.B.A. from the Israeli College of Management.

Dr. Assaf Dekel
CO-Founder & Medical Director

Assaf Dekel

Dr. Dekel has been at OrthoSpace since the Company’s inception in 2009.  Dr. Dekel is a practicing orthopedic surgeon with more than 13 years of experience in the medical device industry. Dr Dekel founded Neatstitch, a developer of unique laparoscopic suturing technology and has also played a leading role in various early stage companies. Dr. Dekel holds an M.D. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Avigail Hadar
Chief Financial Officer

Avigail Hadar

Ms. Hadar joined OrthoSpace on April 2015. Ms. Hadar has over 12 years of experience in senior financial positions in global medical device companies. Prior to joining OrthoSpace Ms. Hadar served as VP Finance in Medingo LTD, a medical device company in the field of diabetes which was acquired by Roche. Ms. Hadar holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from the Haifa University, LLM in Law from Bar Ilan University and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Yoav Meiraz
Chief Operating Officer

Yoav Meiraz

Mr. Meiraz joined OrthoSpace in mid 2015. Prior to joining OrhtoSpace Mr. Meiraz served for over 10 years in a variety of Program, Engineering and R&D leadership roles for several companies mainly in the medical devices arena including over 7 years work experience for GE Respiratory and Sleep division in Israel (formally VersaMed Medical Systems). Mr Meiraz holds BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

Guy Levy
VP Sales & Marketing

Guy Levy

Guy Levy joined OrthoSpace in early 2010. Mr. Levy has a 15-year proven track record as a sales and marketing executive in the medical device industry, including various positions at DepuyMitek, Genzyme and Taro Pharmaceutical. Mr. Levy is an experienced paramedic and holds a B.A. in Urgent Medicine and an M.A. in Health Systems Management from Ben Gurion Universty.

Veronique Collinet


Veronique started her career in medical devices more than 12 years ago when she joined Johnson and Johnson.  She has led International teams across Europe for global orthopaedic and sports medicine manufacturers.  Prior to joining OrthoSpace, Veronique was the Vice President Sports Medicine at BIOMET EMEA. Veronique holds a degree in Political Sciences from ULB (Brussels University), a Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences from ULG (Liege University) and an MBA from Bocconi University.

Ruthy Icekson
Director of Marketing


Ruthy is a medical device specialist, with vast experience in all stages of the life-cycle of a medical device. Ruthy has been with OrthoSpace since its early days in 2010, and prior to joining OrthoSpace, she was an R&D engineer in a medical device start-up, and a QA in several start-ups. Ruthy is a bio-medical engineer, graduated from the Technion Cum Laude.

Heather Neill
VP Clinical Operations

Heather Neil

Ms. Neil has over 16 years of high-level Corporate Clinical Research industry experience in both Medical Devices and Biologics. She was most recently at ArthroCare prior to joining to OrthoSpace. She received her nursing degree from Humber College and has since held positions at Johnson & Johnson, Vertiflex Inc. and Biometrics Therapeutics.

Elana Markovitz
VP Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Elana Markovitz

Elana Markovitz joined OrthoSpace in early 2011. She has nearly two decades of experience in research development and managing clinical operations and regulatory processes in both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Prior to OrthoSpace, Mrs. Markovitz served as Clinical Operations Director at ColBar, (acquired by J&J) and has also spent a decade at Bayer in various clinical operations. Mrs. Markovitz holds a B.A. in Nursing from the Sackler Medical School at Tel-Aviv University and an M.B.A. from Heriott-Watt University.

Omar Elmalak, PhD
Chief Scientist

Dr. Elmalak has over 16 years of management and product R&D experience in medical devices and biomaterials industry. Prior joining to Orthospace, on November 2015 Dr. Elmalak served in Biorest and Medinol companies in a variety of managerial and scientific positions in research and development of drug coated stents and pharmaceutical formulations. Dr. Elmalak holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the “School of Pharmacy” of the Hebrew University in the field of biodegradable polymers and drug delivery systems. He also completed a post doc fellowship in Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science & Technology in pharmacokinetics of local drug vascular delivery.


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